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Treehouse Print was established in 2007 by a small team of individuals who had already spent many years in Edinburgh’s print and design industry.
With the ever changing landscape of the print industry, whether it be competition from online media or advances in print technology, we recognise that a modern print company needs to have the flexibility and fluidity to move with these changes and be able to offer small, medium and large businesses a variety of products and printed solutions.  Our experience and knowledge of the industry makes Treehouse Print a ‘one stop shop’ for want of a better expression and we enjoy the variety of work that this offers us.
Using the latest technology in the industry we produce large print runs supplying businesses across Scotland.  We deliver high quality printed materials on time and on budget whilst meeting the most stringent environmental standards.
A good portion of our work is produced by our digital department, from flyers, leaflets, posters and booklets to banners, window stickers and exhibition displays.  Being able to produce digitally printed material like this allows us the capacity to produce work extremely fast if required.  So if you have a print emergency or a sudden need for printed products for an up coming event or show then don't hesitate to get in touch
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